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Our fashion consultant method & programme are scientifically complex but so simple for you to use.

The system generates a palette of 20 complimentary colours for every feasible set of client choices.

Each picture selected, by you, in the test, is scored on the following three axis:

Cold to Hot
Deep to Light
Clear to Muted

A complicated, personal stylist marking & assessment system of the scores on the axis

results in your 20 most suitable complimentary colours for you.


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Look Tremendous

• Look years younger and slimmer.
• Your eyes will sparkle.
• Your clothes will complement your skin.
• Your confidence will grow.
• Your skin will give a healthy, faultless glow.
• You will need fewer products on your face.
• Pick the right make up and colour hair dye easier.
• Your natural looks will shine.
• The old, hidden you will be replaced by a fresh model.

Make Savings

• Stop buying clothes that don’t get worn.
• No need to post or take clothes back.
• Only buy clothes that look fabulous on you.
• No more guessing – know what is right.
• You will know 75% of colours don’t suit you straight away.
• See if a shop has your colours instantly, then if not, move on.
• Your clothes will match – less clothes but more outfits.
• Colour consultants elsewhere cost around £80.
• Our service only costs £4.99 but will last you decades.


Choices of Eyes


Choices of Hair



1,5m +

Answer Sets Possible


Fashion Stylists , Image Consultants, Style Advisors , Personal Shopper & Wardrobe Stylists,  use our Online Colour Analysis Services. But our colour test is easy for anyone to do and fun too! In no time you will know what colours to wear to look fantastic.

About WAMC

Media Handling Ltd., run this personal stylist colours site and deal with queries and orders.

Our professional colour consultants meticulously went through every possible answer groups, to give perfect colours for every client.

The encoding of the fashion consultant formula to cover all the responses was a difficult procedure too, but we got there in the end.

We are located in North East England, but offer our online colour consultant service globally.

We accept payment in numerous currencies.

Our clients also live in Australia, Mexico, The Ukraine and New Zealand.

Please try out our personal stylist service too.

In the UK we also offer an upgrade to fabric swatches.


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Through colour, you communicate a lot about yourself in either a strong or refined way.

People process colour faster than other aspects of your look so it is key to first impressions.

This online personal stylist service gives you the tools to appear younger & healthier.

Men who wear the right colours look much more attractive.

Our results system is based on the colour wheel.

Which is used in all important areas regarding colour such as decorating or advertising.

Our colour consultants results differ for men with more muted male wardrobes.

 Don’t invest in clothes that make you look washed out or old..

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